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Apprenticeship for architects, construction engineers & property developers

Beginning in summer 2020 we will be offering a further professional development apprenticeship which will allow architects, construction engineers and property developers to implement Vaastu in their occupational field in a professional capacity. This course is also available to those who would like to build their own vaastu compliant property.

The apprenticeship takes place over 3 years and includes 12 Knowledge Modules which are taught over 6 weekend intensives in theory and practical units and include distance learning with exercises.

Graduates of the apprenticeship are invited to join the Kaleshwar Vaastu alumni group and network. This will provide further development and knowledge for each graduate.

Taught in German / if you are interested to request this training in English please contact us via office@kaleshwaravaastu.eu


Information about conditions of participation and how to apply HERE

Closing date for the application is on 31.12.2019

No doubt this subject will confuse you, but I am advising you not to get confused. Until you understand it, don’t make a judgement.

Sri Kaleshwar

Fundamentals Workshop

The Fundamentals Workshop is important for anyone who would like to be supported by their living space in a powerful way. Three keys which reveal a simple, easy access to the basic principles of Kaleshwara Vaastu are taught in this workshop. These keys aim to help participants understand and recognize the part Vaastu plays in life in a relatively short period of time.


  • Recognise the importance of a supportive living space (connection between Vaastu and Karma, positive and negative effects of the elements and cardinal directions – depending on the implementation of Vaastu principles)
  • Understanding of the fundamental principles of Kaleshwara Vaastu (Qualities of the elements and cardinal directions, meaning and treatment of boundaries)
  • Application of this fundamental knowledge in simple case studies
  • Practical advice how to leave bad Vaastu behind and easy Vaastu measures to implement at home

Next dates:

  • March 30th/31st, 2019, Einhausen, Germany – Foundation Course HERE teaching in german language
  • August 10th/11th, 2019, Einhausen, Germany – Foundation Course HERE teaching in german language

We would be happy to arrange individual workshop dates or on-site sessions for you by prior agreement for a group of 8 participants or more. If you are interested please contact us: office@kaleshwaravaastu.eu.

Practice groups

Practice groups meet regularly for field studies. These are held at the following locations:

  • Einhausen, Germany (German language)
  • Vienna, Austria (German language)
  • Brno, Czech Republique (English language)