Shakti Living. What is Kaleshwara Vaastu?

Vaastu is one of the greatest treasures of ancient India. “Vaastu” – which means “to dwell, live, stay, reside” – has been developed over millennia into a science that works in accordance with the eternal laws of nature. This science enables the design of homes and work spaces which work in harmony with nature, through understanding and honoring the inner energy of the elemental forces existing behind all of creation.

Vaastu is not only for sacred or nature-based spaces, it is also relevant for modern and urban life. On all continents and throughout the centuries the effects of Vaastu have been recognised: houses, temples, castles and even entire cities have been built according to Vaastu and have survived many thousands of years playing an important role in historic events. Vaastu aims to create harmony between humans and cosmos and provides the foundation for a successful life – on a material and spiritual level.

Sri Kaleshwar, one of the leading Vaastu experts of our time prepared this complex knowledge for the challenges of today following his own indepth research and testing of the Vaastu principles. Kaleshwar passed this knowledge directly onto his students – teaching through both theory and practical applications – in preparation for them to implement and share with others. Through Vaastu you can create a living space providing true balance and harmony, heal yourself on a deep soul level and gain powerful support for your all areas of your life.

Eighty percent of your problems can be solved through Vaastu. Following Vaastu means following nature – living in harmony with the great five elements.

Sri Kaleshwar