Voices of Clients & Students


“Thank you for the very competent and intuitive consultation. Finally we get to know why certain things keep coming back to us in our life and why – in spite of all of our efforts – we’ve been not able to change them. We immediately implemented all changes Mr. Gonschorek suggested and we are amazed how effectively this is and how our life changes for the positive.” U.F., Germany

“We’ve been interested in vaastu for a long time so it was clear that during a reconstruction of our house we would mind all important vaastu principles. During the planning phase it became clear to us that we would not be able to go far just alone with the book – to many things needed to be thought of. For Tobias – because of his experience – everything was quiet simple to solve and through his competent consultation we could save a lot of money with our architect.” M.F., Austriy

“Since quiet some while we’ve had the feeling there needs to be change in our home. After a consultation with Tobias we finally had gained the clarity and confirmation that moving to a new home – which we feld would be necessary – was right. Through the very honest consultation we knew what to look for in search for our next home. The written analysis helped us a lot. It is very professional and clearly laid out and has all content of the consultation and all of the precious tipps in it that Tobias had given to us, to make the best out of our current situation.” F.Z., Switzerland

“Tobias gave me life changing advise and I am very grateful for that! Through small changes in my apartment I could change habits and increase the quality of my life – e.g. I gave up smoking what I wasn’t able to for a long time. This really convinced me of the power of vaastu.” G.M., Germany

“We are super happy. Thank you for your time and your precious consultation! We want to build a house for our family and with the vaastu book alone we did not come far. We weren’t sure if we wanted to invest money in a professional consultation – but hey, finally it is about our life and the house we want to build is supposed to be there for our children later.” Family S., Germany


“This weekend changed my world view.” B.A., Hungary

“I attended your seminar and have made soo many great experiences. I closed my south west and it really empowered me. Please continue your work.” L.Y., Germany

“I had previous knowledge from also visiting other courses on vaastu but I always missed the bigger context. It was much detail knowledge which I wasn’t able to integrate and assess. Through the system of the three keys and six principles and the presentation with the different colors all of a sudden I could recognize a logic, deeper context which absolutely enriched my understanding of vaastu.” Z.A., Germany

“For me as a beginner it was very interesting to learn about the knowledge of vaastu. I want to build a house for me and my family where everyone feels happy – so I am particulary happy that I found Tobias and his team before the builing process started. We are looking forward to build a house for a happy life for all of us now.” S.C., Austria

“So far I only read the vaastu book and took some online courses to increase my knowledge of vaastu. I learned many lists with do’s and don’ts and pure information by heart and I realized I have difficulties with practical implementation. Through the many exercises during the course I gained a total new, practical understanding. Now I can easily derive the effects of a certain vaastu myself.” H.T., Germany

“Many Thanks for this great seminar. Through all of Tobias’ experiences throughout many years the knowledge comes alive and easily accessible. With questions he is very patient and does not give up until everyone really understood the principle. Thank you also for the very comprehensible study material. Tobias’ calm nature and the clear course structure create a space of safety – perfect for a group to learn relaxed and effectively.” S.B., Austria